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Upcoming Scooters in Nepal in 2023; Key Details

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Nepal is a country where scooters are the primary mode of transportation for both personal and commercial use. Scooters are a popular choice for city transportation due to their size, fuel efficiency, and ease of operation. They are also more agile and can easily weave through traffic, making them a faster option for short-distance travel. Most scooters have simple controls and are easy to operate, even for those who are new to riding. With 2022 now behind us the Nepalese automobile industry is about to witness a change in the market with high-displacement and entry-level premium scooters. The BS6 scooters will also finally get some more presence.

Scooters are a convenient and practical choice for city transportation and are a popular choice in many urban areas around the world. In 2023, we can expect to see several new scooters hitting the Nepalese market, each with its unique features and capabilities. We have compiled a detailed list of the upcoming scooters that may penetrate the Nepalese market in 2023. With so many options to choose from, there's sure to be something for every type of rider. Here is the list of all upcoming scooters in Nepal, the expected launch date, and the estimated price range:  

Upcoming Scooters in Nepal in 2023:

ModelExpected Price
Expected Launch Date
Hero Maestro Xoom 110
NRs. 2,40,000January 2023
EeVe Forseti
NRs. 3,80,000February 2023
KTM Electric Scooter
NRs. 5,00,000February 2023
Hero Electric AE-75
NRs. 3,75,000February 2023
Husqvarna Vektorr Concept
NRs. 5,20,000March 2023
Gogoro 2 Series
NRs. 4,40,000March 2023
Honda PCX160
NRs. 3,50,000March 2023
SYM Joymax Z 300
NRs. 6,40,000April 2023
Honda Activa 7G
NRs. 3,00,000April 2023
Yamaha NMax 155 (New)
NRs. 4,80,000April 2023
Okinawa Cruiser
NRs. 3,80,000May 2023
Lambretta V125
NRs. 4,00,000May 2023
Suzuki Burgman Electric
NRs. 3,40,000May 2023
Yamaha Neo's
NRs. 4,80,000June 2023
Everve EF1
NRs. 5,20,000June 2023
Peugeot Django 125
NRs. 4,20,000June 2023
LML Star
NRs. 2,80,000June 2023
Revamp Moto RM 25 02
NRs. 2,40,000July 2023
Honda Activa Electric
NRs. 2,80,000July 2023
TVS Creon
NRs. 3,80,000July 2023
Kinetic Luna Electric
NRs. 1,90,000August 2023
Honda Forza 350
NRs. 7,50,000August 2023
Vespa Elettrica
NRs. 3,80,000August 2023
Gogoro Supersport
NRs. 2,40,000August 2023
Kyte Energy X1
NRs. 2,40,000September 2023
Bajaj Chetak
NRs. 3,00,000September 2023
Hero Electric AE-8
NRs. 2,70,000September 2023
Hero eMaestro
NRs. 2,80,000October 2023
Ola S1
NRs. 3,75,000October 2023
Yamaha Cygnus GT
NRs. 4,80,000October 2023
Yamaha E01
NRs. 3,80,000October 2023
Honda NS125LA
NRs. 2,40,000October 2023
Honda Winner X
NRs. 2,80,000November 2023
Bajaj Blade
NRs. 3,50,000November 2023
Husqvarna Vektorr Concept
NRs. 5,80,000November 2023
Evtric Motors Connect
NRs. 1,80,000November 2023
Trouve Motor H2 
NRs. 3,60,000November 2023
Honda EM1 e
NRs. 2,20,000December 2023
Bird ES1+
NRs. 2,00,000December 2023
Honda ADV350
NRs. 7,50,000December 2023
Everve Motors EF1
NRs. 3,70,000December 2023
Hero Leap Hybrid Ses
NRs. 2,80,000December 2023

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