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Yamaha To Launch 200cc Sportbike In Nepal; Expected To Launch As R2

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According to the latest media reports, the Japanese two-wheeler maker Yamaha has filed an application to trademark the R2 nametag. It seems like this could be the name for an upcoming Yamaha motorcycle. The application has been filed in global markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the Philippines. Yamaha currently does not offer 200cc motorcycles in Nepal so we can assume that the R2 nametag could be the name for the new 200cc motorbike. 

As we already know the Yamaha offers various ranges of motorbikes derived from R such as R15, R3, R7, R6, and the R1. There are different viewpoints as to exactly which model it is but there is a news reporting that the R2 borrows styling bits from its elder sibling R7. Another thing to note is that the test mule appears to be bigger than the R15 V3. However, the test mule could also be the fourth-gen version of the R15 model. The most interesting thing is that the test mule was equipped with upside-down telescopic front forks. However, with limited info available, it’s just speculation at this point in time.

Hence, registering the name doesn’t mean that the product will be released very soon in the Nepalese market. The brand has already stated that they are not going to launch any high-displacement bikes in the Nepalese market this year. But in one of the recent interviews, the company also said that they are planning to launch new 150cc-250cc bikes in the Nepalese market. Hence, we can’t deny the possibilities of a 200cc Yamaha bike in Nepal. With already R15 on sale here, time will reveal all that will happen to R2.

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