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Hero Bikes Price in Nepal as of February 2024: Updated Rates

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Hero MotoCorp, formerly Hero Honda, has been a dominant player in the Nepalese two-wheeler market for decades. Renowned for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and sturdy build, Hero bikes have carved a niche for themselves both in Nepal and abroad. The brand's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made it a household name among motorcycle enthusiasts. Hero MotoCorp offers a range of bikes in Nepal that cater to every rider's needs, whether it's cruising through city streets or conquering challenging mountain trails. 

With a wide range of bikes catering to different segments of riders, Hero has captured the imagination of biking enthusiasts in Nepal. NGM Pvt. Ltd., the official distributor of Hero motorcycles in Nepal, presently offers a selection of eleven bike models for sale in the country. Among the brands that have cemented their presence in Nepal, Hero MotoCorp stands out as a symbol of reliability, innovation, and affordability. One of the key factors behind the popularity of Hero Bikes in Nepal is their robust build quality and fuel efficiency. 

When looking at Hero's current range of bikes in Nepal, the Hero HF Deluxe stands out as the most budget-friendly option available. Conversely, the Hero XPulse 200 holds the title of the priciest Hero scooter in Nepal. The Hero bikes' price in Nepal starts at NRs. 1.83 Lakhs ranging up to NRs. 4.52 Lakhs. With their reliability, affordability, and unmatched performance, Hero Bikes continues to inspire a new generation of bikers to explore the roads less travelled and embrace the spirit of adventure. Here’s the complete list of all Hero bikes price in Nepal:  

Hero Bikes Price in Nepal 

Hero Bikes
DisplacementPrice in Nepal
HF Deluxe
97.2 ccNRs. 1,83,000.00
Splendor iSmart 110
109.15 ccNRs. 1,83,500.00
Splendor Plus
97.2 ccNRs. 1,95,500.00
Super Splendor IBS Carb BS4
124.7 ccNRs. 2,31,000.00
Super Splendor IBS FI BS6
124.7 ccNRs. 2,66,000.00
 Glamour Drum
124.7 ccNRs. 2,05,000.00
 Glamour Disc
124.7 ccNRs. 2,18,000.00
 Glamour IBS
124.7 ccNRs. 2,44,000.00
Achiever 150 i3S
149.2 ccNRs. 2,30,000.00
Xtreme Sports
149.2 ccNRs. 2,55,000.00
Glamour XTec
124.7 ccNRs. 2,77,500.00
Xtreme 200R (ABS)
199.6 ccNRs. 2,95,500.00
Hunk 150R (ABS)
149.2 ccNRs. 3,03,000.00
Xtreme 160R (ABS)
163 ccNRs. 3,64,000.00
XPulse 200T (ABS)
199.6 ccNRs. 3,84,000.00
 XPulse 200 (2V Carb BS4)
199.6 ccNRs. 4,03,500.00
 XPulse 200 (4V FI BS6)
199.6 cc
NRs. 4,52,500.00

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