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Benelli RFS 150i Officially Launched

Nepal Auto Trader

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Benelli RFS150i was recently launched in Malaysia. The step-through looks amazing in its aggressive body design and equally attracts with dual tone shades on offer. The machine offers 149.8 cc, single cylinder fuel injected motor producing 15.5 HP at 8500 rpm. The engine uses liquid cooling and triple spark technology. It is even Euro4 compliant. Benelli RFS150i uses LED daytime running lights, halogen front headlight and semi digital instrument console.

Benelli equips the premium step-through with race spec USD front forks, 240 mm front disc brake, 220 mm rear disc brake, 17 inch alloy wheels, 70/90 section front tyre, 120/70 rear tyre and 126 kg of dry weight. Most of the dimensional values for the moped are not available while its body design is highly inspired from street spec Benelli bikes. The taillight and exhaust seems directly arriving from a motorcycle while its seat is lower placed and scooter inspired. 

The latest evolution of this 150cc cub carries newly-designed decals as its main change together with a new sporty muffler that is said to further enhance its overall performance.Two different variants are available for purchase which the Standard and Special Edition (SE) models. The Benelli RFS 150i Standard comes in two colour options; Black and Red while the Benelli RFS 150i Special Edition (SE) sports a combination of blue-coloured body with florescent green sport rims. The SE also comes with a new throttle grip and and adjustable brake lever.

The RFS150i was designed in Italy by Benelli’s team of designers, but was assembled in China. We are fans of the overall design of the bike, and love the fact that it comes with LED daytime running lights. There is no other moped in the market right now that offers these lights, credit to Benelli. The RFS, which stands for Riders For Speed, has another unique feature in its engine, it runs on three spark plus instead of the usual single spark plug typical of single-cylinder engines. Three spark plugs may be more expensive to maintain and complicate to change, but it ensures that fuel is properly burnt with no wastage. 

The 149.8cc engine is liquid-cooled and puts out 15.5hp and 13Nm of torque; nothing to boast about but it actually performs better than the figures suggest. In real world conditions, there is good power for uphill climbs and decent acceleration. Fuel efficiency is what this bike was designed for. It is a fairly light bike too, about 115kg’s dry and slightly over 120 ready to ride, the RFS150i felt nimble and sporty. The great handling of the RFS was aided by a upside down telescopic forks with 88mm of travel as well as an oil damped, single coil spring with 27mm of travel at the rear. The RFS150i is also the only moped with upside down front forks. 

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