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Yatri Project-1 Bike, Price, Design and Specs

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The company owners of Yatri motorcycle while sharing their idea of investing on the production plan of Nepal made bike in 2019 finally realized their dream. The Super agile, light-weighed and great suspension capability, Yatri launched P1 motorcycle a month ago. In a small test ride event, the company unveiled two of its highly anticipated products with the name of Project zero and project one. The group also revealed guided details on its hottest product to every bike enthusiast keenly waiting for this innovative technology.

Undoubtedly, Project one is distinctly different but with stunning price tag of NPR. 4,95,000, it surely raised varieties of questions on target customer that Yatri is planning to serve.  Built for the roads of Nepal, the classic tagline to attract Nepalese commuters towards this project; Project one was built with a plush suspension and upright ergonomics id to aid commuters drive through the Nepalese Road but did it followed the basic rules of Economics, the company it is yet to answer it or pay the price if they didn't.

Undoubtedly, the company and the management still have to go through the basics of ECONOMIES OF SCALE and ECONOMIES OF LEARNING in-terms of capacity utilization and production techniques and reduce its input cost and optimize their resource utilization if it believes to serve the Nepalese Market and Nepalese People. And if it is following the differentiation philosophy then it most differentiate not just the product but also embrace the philosophy of total relationship management between the supplier, the customer and the market by understanding the needs and gaps existing in the market.

Project – 1 Overview


Likes its more ambitious sibling P-O, Project 1 also goes for the minimalistic aesthetics. It is more of a sport like scramble or dual-sport design consisting white carbon fiber assists to serve a practical purpose. It is neither loud nor aggressive but manages to look elegant with its futuristic and modern vibes. Available in silver colors, project one includes premium features like front LED light with DRL and rear LED light.


Yatri P1 is powered by an electric powertrain with high performance at low operating costs. The electric motor generates a max power of 19hp (14kw) and a max torque of 480nm at wheel. P1 claims to be 110 kg curb-weight, relatively light-weight than its sibling.


While the list of features is slightly tone-down, it is still impressive. Here is a quick list of features in the Yatri project one:

·         Dual-sports electric motorcycle

·         Minimalistics styling

·         Carbon-fiber body or durability and improved performance.

·         LED light

·         Light weight and agile

·         Upright Riding posture

·         Front usd and rear monoshock suspension

·         Dual-purpose tyres

·         Dual disc braking

Yatri Project One (P1) specification:

Battery                3.0kwh

Peak power        14kw(19 HP)

Peak torque        480NM at the wheel

Battery- type      Lithium-lon

Range                    110KM

Top speed            100 KMPH

Charging time    6 hours ( 1 hour with 3 kwh fast charging)

Tyres                       Dual purpose tubeless

Tyres size              110/70-17(Front) 120/80-17(Rear) disc

Tubeless Tire       Yes

Braking type        Standard

Suspension          USD forks and Mono-shock

Seat height           n/a

Ground clearance    270mm

Weight                    110kg

Colors                      Silver

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