Quick Ways To Improve The Mileage Of Your Bike.

 Mileage is a strong decision maker when it comes to a bike/scooter in Nepal. Many bike owners are left with no value, although they own a great product, just because of the low mileage figure of their bike.

Well, the prediction of fuel prices is totally out of a person’s hand but something which could be done for keeping our pockets easy is to follow some steps and take measures to keep a check on the mileage of the bike. These simple tips can help you overcome the daily loss, which is not even known to most of the riders and can help you in improving the overall mileage of your bike.  Here are quick tips to improve your bike’s mileage:

1: Getting your bike serviced on time brings the chances of loss to the machine at the minimum. A healthy engine would return a better mileage figure than that with non-timely servicing. Also, prefer using the same grade oil which is preferred by the company at the time of service.

2: Even after timely servicing, carburettor settings can be adjusted for better mileage. Re-tuning the carburettor helps a lot when you are getting bad mileage.

3: Tyre pressure plays an important role when it comes to mileage. Lesser air pressure means more friction, thereby returning less mileage, so make sure to keep the tyre pressure as recommended by the company.

4: Filling good quality fuel will help the bike return a better figure as compared to the contaminated fuel. It even helps in keeping the engine healthy. Good quality petrol will always keep the engine in good condition thereby increasing the fuel economy of the bike.

5: Sudden acceleration and hard braking also waste a lot of fuel. Keep a light hand on the throttle and avoid accelerating the bike at high rpm level in short gear. Riding the bike in proper gear at low rpm level helps in returning better mileage figures. The reason most of the 2-wheeler companies recommend to ride the bike at speeds of around 50-60 kmph to get the best mileage figure. So, remember this next time when you are on the road. A decent speed will always lead to a decent mileage.

6: Avoid roads with high traffic as driving at constant slow speeds in short gear also return bad mileage figures.

7: While on a traffic light, always switch off the engine as idling is one of the basic factors where the odometer stands constant and fuel gets wasted. In case you get stuck in a traffic jam and the waiting time is above 40 seconds, then don’t forget to switch off the engine.

8: Parking your motorcycle in sunlight will also let a small amount of fuel to get evaporated. Although the amount is small, parking it for 9 hours daily and 30 days a month can have an impact.

9: Even between the service intervals, the chain of the bike needs cleaning and lubrication. If you live in an area with more dirt and sand, doing it often can help you in getting better mileage as the engine would need less power to rotate the chain.

10: Altering the original components of the bike results in lower fuel mileage. Avoiding custom exhausts, air filters and extra wide tyres can help you get better mileage.


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