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Know more about Aprilia.

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Aprilia is an elite Italian motorcycle manufacturer that once started with bicycles and achieved this appreciable position with quality products and class leading technology. It was founded in 1945 and currently comes under the supervision of the Piaggio group. Aprilia was founded by Cavaliere Alberto Beggio after the second world war, manufacturing bicycles at Noale, Italy.

They made their first 50cc motorcycle in 1968 with more than 10 independent partners. They first got into moped production and then unveiled their first motocross bike in 1970. Soon, Aprilia was seen entering motocross races and their first win was registered in 1977.

They had successfully moved from the 50cc history to 125cc and 250cc in their first decade of motorcycling. During the 1980s, they saw a huge expansion with enduro and raid bikes ranging between 50cc to 600cc. That same period witnessed the introduction of Aprilia AF1 and Tuareg, both designed exclusively for their individual purposes.

The former was a small sportbike while the latter came with a huge fuel tank that was specially built for Dakar Rally. A decade later, they successfully entered the scooter market with multiple options and all being polycarbonate panel equipped models.

At that time, the Italian market was known to have metal body scooters only. It was named Amico and helped the company expand further with more models in the coming years. They are known for their present-day options like RSV4 and Tuono 1100. Along with that, Aprilia retails a long list of models that deal with street, rally, tour and other types of motorcycle designing.

They recently showcased the 150cc versions named Aprilia RS 150 and Tuono 150 for India. If launched soon, they can create the same magic that Aprilia SR150 created a few months back. The race bike range starts from 125cc internationally and goes up to 999cc for the RSV4 FW.

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