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Honda Plans to Release 10 Electric Motorcycles by 2025: Here's All You Need to Know

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Honda has been a pioneering brand in the Nepalese automotive industry for over half a century. Honda is all set to launch 10 new electric motorcycles and scooters or more by the end of 2025. Honda will include these 10 or more EVs with a wide variety of segments. Honda has also revealed that it will launch its first electric scooter in Nepal by mid-2024. The company has already made an entry into the electric vehicle market with the launch of the Honda E, a cute and compact electric car designed for city driving. Honda has also unveiled its upcoming electric motorcycles and scooters, which are expected to revolutionize the Nepalese two-wheeler industry.

Honda is set to introduce two new commuter electrics across Asia, Europe, and Japan between 2024 and 2025; five new electric bicycle and electric moped models between 2024 and 2025; and three large-size motorbikes across Europe, Japan, and the US between 2024 and 2025. This bike will feature batteries as a power source. Honda is currently developing its own all-solid-state swappable battery pack. One of the advantages of Honda electric motorcycles and scooters is their low maintenance. With no oil changes, spark plugs, or filters to worry about, they are easy to maintain and can save you money in the long run.

Honda is also exploring battery-sharing options as well as preparing to begin service in Asian markets including Nepal for electric rickshaws (three-wheeled taxis). Honda says it is also working on its software subsidiary, Drivemode which is set to offer user experience (UX) features that continuously enrich the quality of riding through connectivity. This feature includes remaining range, charging spot notification, safe riding coaching, and after-sales service support. Honda will also create a connected platform that will link a wide range of Honda products. The instant torque from the electric motor provides a thrilling and responsive ride that is hard to replicate with a traditional gas-powered engine. 

As part of its electrification objectives, Honda wants to achieve one million electric motorcycle sales by 2027, and 3.5 million by 2030 globally. Some of these EVs will also make it to the Nepalese market. One of them will be an electric scooter which is likely to get Activa in its name and will be launched by mid-2024. The future certainly looks pretty exciting for not only Honda but also the Nepalese two-wheeler industry as a whole. Hopefully, Honda will introduce such electric vehicles in Nepal at an affordable price, should there be adequate demand. 

As the world looks towards a greener future, Honda has been one of the leading manufacturers in developing eco-friendly vehicles. Honda's lineup of electric motorcycles and scooters offers a lot of benefits for riders who are looking for an eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and fun ride. As more people make the switch to electric vehicles, we can expect to see more innovative and exciting electric motorcycles and scooters in Nepal from Honda in the future. 

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