Road Safety Nepal and Why they are Important.

Every year, thousands of lives are lost on the road nationwide, and every year, road safety becomes more and more important to teach to our children as they start their journey as new drivers.  Everyone learns how to drive before they go to take their driver’s test; they learn the rules of the road, how to operate their vehicle, what the signs mean, and how to maneuver in a number of circumstances, from heavy traffic to inclement weather. However, as we learn that once and only have to renew our driver’s licenses every few years, a lot of us can forget the importance of the responsibility we take on as drivers as we become caught in the routine of it, and this is only one way that can cause accidents to become more prominent on our roads.

The first is to always look where you’re going, and be mindful of your surroundings. This is generally taught when kids are learning how to safely cross the street, but it’s just as important in a vehicle! After all, you’re sharing the road with thousands of other drivers, and if you don’t look where you’re going and have no idea what’s going on around you, you’re more likely to cause or become part of an accident.

Second is one that we are reminded of fairly consistently, but that some still manage to forget: Always wear your seatbelt. Seatbelts are made to help keep us from harm in the event of a collision, and is just as, if not more important as wearing a helmet while riding a bike. When they work with our airbags in a vehicle, they can keep us from suffering a lot of damage from things .

Third, remaining calm while driving can teach both patience and keep you alert while driving, so you can think clearly when it really matters. Think about it: When you are angry, frustrated, or upset, you’re really only focusing on that one thing – the other driver or pedestrian or traffic situation that caused you to be upset – and that pulls the focus on the other drivers on the road. Being upset while driving is a distraction, and can get you and likely someone else harmed, because you aren’t prepared for anything.

Every country has its own road safety rules and regulations for the best interests of citizens. Road safety rules in Nepal are designed as per the best interests of citizens. As a citizen, you have certain important roles and responsibilities. For making the safety efforts successful, you need to follow the rules persistently. As you a citizen of a small country like Nepal, you may face problem in rule execution. Nepal is a country having 77 districts , each having their own governing body, villages, town, municipality etc. and hence it is a difficult task to manage them effectively.

In fact, all these rules are made for Nepalese to assure safety. A little carelessness or impatience can lead to serious issues and hence it is better for you to stick onto the rules without hesitation. Overspeeding can be a deadly enemy of your life,  so it is better to avoid it.  As a responsible citizen, you need to be more compassionate for improving road safety of Nepal. You should not think rules as something useless but it should be considered as a medium to help each other and thus become sensitive towards citizens. It is better for you to respect and follow the rules that are put forward by the Nepalese Government as it is created for your own safety and welfare. All the road safety rules and regulations make your driving a better experience.

Here follows some of the important road safety rules that you should follow while driving in Nepal:

  • . As per the Nepalese law, you should have minimum 18 years of age to avail a driving license. 
  • . While driving, you should not use mobile phones  as it can cause serious road accidents
  • . Drinking and driving is not allowed as it seems to be a deadly combination for you
  • . You need to wear seat belt while driving a four wheeler
  • . You should not honk unnecessarily especially when you are near a hospital or school
  • . You should follow the speed limit fixed for your respective vehicle
  • . Red light jumping is a great offence. You will be given a huge penalty for red light jumping and sometimes your license will be taken by traffic police
  • . You need to drive carefully near a school, as kids have the tendency to run on the road without watching out for vehicles 
  • . You can make use of zebra crossing for crossing the road
  • . Helmets are necessary when you use two wheelers for travelling 
  • . Make sure that you keep left on the road, when you use cycles for travelling
  • . For having a safe journey, you should be aware about various signboards
  • In addition to this, there are certain road safety rules for pedestrians that  should keep notice:
    • . As a pedestrian, you should walk on the footpath and not in the middle of the road 
    • . Look right, then left and right again. This rule should always be kept in the mind 
    • . Always try to walk on the left side of the road
    • . You should cross the road at the zebra crossing 

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