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Mahindra Marazzo is a MPV that promises to meet the demands of these very buyers. The all-new Mahindra Marazzo in fact slots itself right in between two major players in the segment, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and the Toyota Innova Crysta. Mahindra feels there exists a reasonably large niche between the two and also that the Marazzo is the perfect fit for it. Is it? 

As much as sharks are dangerous, they can also teach us a thing or two about being quick, sharp and agile. And sharks are the inspiration for the Mahindra Marazzo's styling. But before you think, no, the Marazzo isn't just about razor sharp edges or an intimidating appearance. It is also about the roundness one associates with people movers. That said, bits like the fangs on its grille and shark-fin shaped spokes on the alloys do look aggressive. The grille almost looks like a shark baring its fangs in a smile, adding to the aggression, which is balanced well by the rounded edges of the projector beam equipped headlights, while LED daytime running lamps are positioned into the fog lamps.

The fangs also get a smoked chrome finish that looks classier than 'regular' chrome. There's a sharp crease on the doors that adds character to the sides and looks appealing. The Marazzo is well-proportioned from end to end and isn't overly large, despite being reasonably sized, particularly when viewed from the sides. I have to admit though that it is hard to ignore the fact that the top half, particularly the area between the shoulder line and roofline does remind of previous generation Toyota Innova. The chrome slat at the rear joining the tail lamp units is a little too thick though the tail lamp units look good, and of course, their design is inspired by shark tails. Mahindra has gone in for a vertically lifting tail gate as is the norm with the segment, which also adds to convenience, rather having the door open on either side.

The Mahindra Marazzo's interiors offer an upmarket feel right from the word go. That's thanks to the variety of surface finishes used – the top of the dashboard gets a matte grey finish, the patterns on which look different when viewed from different angles. The mid-section of the dash gets a gloss black finish with some interesting textures on the left side, which also look very appealing. The bottom half gets ceramic white strips – which look slightly out of place – to separate the black from the beige plastic panels beneath. The upmarket feel is accentuated further by the perforated beige leather seats and the overall effect is very pleasing. Also, the beige seats and beige coloured roof together help in offering a very spacious feel.

Source : overdrive.in

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